POC DEVOUR - Hydrogen White - Brown/Silver Mirror

With exceptional coverage and full adjustability, the Devour sunglasses give uncompromising eye protection for all styles of riding.

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Fully adjustable temples and nose piece make it easy for you to find a secure and comfortable fit, no matter your head shape or size. And with a frame design that maximises peripheral vision, it’s easy to see every detail on the trails or on the road.

Clarity lens technology controls the colour spectrum and is fine-tuned for different riding environments. Trail lenses sharpen greens and browns, while road lenses use a violet base tint to improve definition on the road.

The Clarity lenses are easy to swap, so you can use the same frame with different lenses depending on if you choose to ride the trail or on the road. Ventilation holes in the trail lenses improve airflow and minimise steaming, while the road lenses are vent-free to prevent too much airflow.

All lenses give complete UV protection (UV 400). A Ri-Pel lens treatment protects from dirt, oil and water, and an anti-scratch coating ensures your vision is always at its best.

A spare clear lens is included with purchase, further extending the variety of riding conditions the Devour can be used in. The Transparent Crystal lens choice features additional side covers for enhanced protection from wind and rain in unsavoury conditions.